How Retail Bloom Utilizes TrackStreet for Brand Protection Services


If you have had the chance to check out some of our previous blogs or catch one of our brand protection webinars, you probably understand the principle that your brand protection is only as good as the tools you have in place.

What is the use of having a great Reseller Program—complete with the perfect MAP (minimum advertised price) policy—without a way to enforce it? Or what good is a carefully drafted cease-and-desist notice without knowledge of who is selling and how to reach them?

As we built out our brand protection services at Retail Bloom, we knew selecting the right monitoring and enforcement platform to service clients was absolutely essential. That quest for quality is what led to our partnership with TrackStreet.

So then what, you might ask, makes TrackStreet so great, and how does Retail Bloom use the tool within its portfolio of marketplace services to provide comprehensive support? We thought you’d never ask.

Key Features

TrackStreet provides our brand clients with complete, internet-wide visibility of all product listings on marketplaces (i.e. Amazon, Walmart, etc.) and retail websites. As we often say, how do you fix a problem if you don’t see it?

Additionally, the enforcement module within TrackStreet allows us to work with our clients to create fully customizable workflows that address both unauthorized sellers and price compliance with approved sellers. We can customize notices at each level—whether it’s a “1-strike” approach or a “10-level” process—that address unauthorized sellers and escalates the language, subject line, etc. as the seller persists. We can then create another custom workflow for MAP violations by your authorized sellers. If you’d like these workflows can drop sellers into your brand’s “Do not sell” list that auto-populates based on your settings.


Combined with the many ways we are able to customize the settings per client—shopping cart enforcement, MAP holidays, screenshots included with notices, brand-specific contacts for sellers, and more—TrackStreet’s fully automatable workflows are key to Retail Bloom’s effective and efficient enforcement. Add in the ability to pull dozens of different customizable reports and set them to arrive in an email on a set schedule, and the platform couldn’t be more user-friendly.

Another feature unique to TrackStreet is the Marketplace Analytics module. Within this portion of the platform, our clients are able to monitor product listings on Amazon in-depth: FBA inventory levels, self inventory levels, sell-through rates, sellers, duplicate ASINs, estimate sales volume by product and seller, and much more.


Leveraging TrackStreet to Optimize Marketplace Services 

We pride ourselves on being a comprehensive marketplace service partner for brands. What this means to us is that we are not only able to provide excellent support for brands’ content and advertising, but we are also able to connect the dots between those areas and the underlying brand protection foundation that forms the more ‘outward facing’ elements of a client’s online presence. Think of it as though we are pulling your sales & marketing team, your ecommerce team, and your attorney all into the same room to get everyone rowing in unison.

TrackStreet is an essential part of this comprehensive approach. We are able to use TrackStreet to identify four main pinpoints for clients:

  • Disruptive sellers
  • Sellers’ identities and contact information
  • Products on which to focus or on which to lower ad-spend based on FBA inventory of other sellers
  • Authorized sellers consistently violating pricing policies 

With this information in-hand and clients equipped to enforce against and remove sellers that are disruptive to the brand’s content, advertising, sales efforts, and overall marketplace presence, we are able to support brands in every angle marketplace management.

When helpful, we also support brands in escalating enforcement against disruptive sellers. Providing enhanced seller information & insights and sending out individualized cease-and-desist letters to sellers are just a couple of ways our team utilizes TrackStreet to provide brands with 360-degree service.

If you have questions about how we can take the power of TrackStreet, combine it with our marketplace expertise, and support your brand, schedule a consultation with our Brand Protection team. 

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About The Author

Andy Buss is the Legal & Corporate Development Specialist at Retail Bloom. As both an attorney and an entrepreneur with a background in marketing, Andy provides a unique and valuable perspective when it comes to sustainable brand growth. When he's not sharpening his ping-pong skills in the break room, he can be found tirelessly pursuing the best way to keep brand clients ahead of looming online threats. Be sure to follow him on LinkedIn.


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