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New Amazon Update: Amazon Search Just Became More Fair

Amazon has a reputation for promoting its own branded listings ahead of other listings. It makes sense from their perspective. They’d rather sell their own in-house branded products, and make more profit, instead of selling someone else's branded products. But 3rd party sellers noticed this and were not content.

Previously, they regularly placed their own products above those of sellers & vendors in organic search results. Amazon shoppers would see Amazon's own products first and thus be more likely to buy them, instead of choosing products from the millions of 3rd party sellers. Some vendors and sellers thought this to be unfair because Amazon’s products had a leg up on theirs.


Image Source: Marketplace Pulse


But Amazon recently cut down on showing its branded products ahead of others. Organic search results are fairer for 3rd party sellers and brands as a result. 

Amazon has thousands of its own private-label brands in all categories. Some of these generic products have been successful because of their low costs and direct connections to Amazon. Some of their brands include AmazonBasics, Amazon Essentials, and Pinzons.

Their change of self-promotion is an attempt to improve the experience of their sellers and customers. Amazon search results are now fairer, and we expect 3rd party sellers to be happy with this recent change as they may find that their products are gaining some share in the marketplace.

Credit to Marketplace Pulse’s original blog.

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