Retail Bloom & Profitero Bring Best-in-Class eCommerce Insights


Retail Bloom is proud to announce our partnership with Profitero.

We are equalizing the eCommerce playing field with Profitero Pro

With today’s launch of Profitero Pro, this new product is now available within Retail Bloom’s portfolio of services and will allow our clients’ better access to enterprise-quality eCommerce insights and analytics. As a certified partner agency of Profitero Pro, our goal is to integrate products to help our clients become even more competitive in today’s fast-moving marketplace landscape, boost online sales quicker, and realize ROI.

"Profitero Pro equalizes the playing field by allowing smaller eCommerce teams to make informed decisions using the same high-quality insights trusted by global leaders like Adidas, General Mills and L'Oreal," said Bryan Wiener, CEO of Profitero. "On average, brands that use Profitero grow their eCommerce sales 70 percent faster than category competitors, so this has the potential to be a real game changer for the industry." 

As we have seen a significant growth in revenue for our eCommerce clients, some experiencing over 200 percent YTD, it remains vital for our Amazon marketing agency to ensure that smaller brands with limited budgets still have the same access to quality analytics and resources to not only keep up with the big brands but also beat out their competitors and continue on this trend.

Tom Sesti, Retail Bloom President and Co-Founder says, “The brands we've built relationships with consistently ask: ‘How can we benchmark category growth and market share on Amazon?’ Retail Bloom is thrilled to partner with Profitero in bringing that category insight and competitor intelligence to brands who haven't had access to that data in the past! This is another unique way that Retail Bloom can help retail brands outmaneuver direct competitors and private label sellers. We look forward to adding Profitero Pro analytics to our team's toolset as we continue to help bridge the connection between brands and consumers online.”

Key benefits in adding Profitero Pro:

  • Category Growth and Marketshare - Use Profitero Pro to understand your category size, indirect and direct competitors, and your share of the market.
  • Competitor Intelligence - Profitero Pro provides you with key category data to understand who your direct competitors are, their growth rate, and product offering. 
  • Optimization Insights - Profitero Pro provides key insights such as traffic & conversion analysis, organic and paid placement for you and your competitors, out of stock rates, and the ability to benchmark your content versus your competition.

Out of Stock Screenshot

  • Visibility into both 1P & 3P Data - Profitero Pro is the first of its kind to identify trends for both "Sold by Amazon" and "Sold by Merchant". 

1P and 3P Screenshot

Retail Bloom offers proven solutions to grow your online presence in a Managed Services model or Wholesale Services model. This includes Brand Protection, Content Management and Merchandising, Marketplace Advertising and Expansion, Reporting, and now, Advanced eCommerce Insights. 

Download the Proftiero Pro 1-sheeter 

If you are interested in adding Profitero Pro to further increase your competitive edge, or if you want to learn more about it or our other suite of products and services, visit our services page or reach out to Nicole Reich at



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