Preparing for Prime Day 2022: It's Official


Amazon has officially confirmed their Prime Day dates. 

The powerhouse shopping event was announced to take place on July 12-13

Amazon’s Prime Day has quickly become the most well-known shopping event in the retail world. Since 2015, Amazon has been celebrating its founding day by providing some of the deepest discounts of the year during the sales two days, and we’re sure that 2022 just may be another record-setting day.

In 2021, Amazon held Prime Day on June 21st & 22nd and reported that over 250M items were purchased by Prime members worldwide during that time period alone. The success was very much attributed to Amazon’s 3P marketplace.

Plan to ship early

With the ongoing global supply chain constraints, it is more important than ever to take note of the following dates and ensure you plan enough time for shipments to arrive on time.

  • Deal submissions were due by April 29, 2022
  • Shipments must arrive at fulfillment centers before June 20, 2022

Be sure to prepare sales early and stock sufficient inventory of your products to avoid issues. In addition to the dates announced, Amazon also provided this Seller University advertising resource: Drive Sales During Prime Day with Amazon Advertising.

Tips to help sellers prepare for Prime Day

In addition to Amazon’s advertising resource, they also provided these three tips to prepare for Prime Day:

  1. Monitor the Deals Dashboard. Make sure your deals are not suppressed due to stock, SKU, pricing, or compliance issues.
  2. Do not change your price. Amazon will automatically update your deal price based on the price you submit in Seller Central.
  3. Perform quality checks on your Deals. Check the quality of your deals and relevant SKUs to maintain a good customer experience.

Solidify your advertising strategy

Although Prime Day is a two-day event, shoppers begin seeing promotions and discounts leading up to the first day and are often also extended past the second day. Having an advertising strategy in place to ramp up and maintain promotions can make or break the success of Prime Day, and overall profitability – especially with the supply chain and cost challenges seen over the last year.

  • Sponsored Brands - Sponsored Brand campaigns are a great way to ensure that shoppers see your brand and products.
  • Sponsored Display - Sponsored Display has come a long way in the last year. You can reach more people than ever with Amazon’s new audience targeting capabilities.
  • Bidding & Budgeting - Over the years, we have tested multiple different types of bid and budget strategies going into Prime Day. If you want to maintain an ACoS that you’re happy with, increase all budgets on well-performing campaigns, while leaving your bids as-is. 

For more in-depth and tactical advertising strategies, check out our Prime Day advertising guide. 

Make sure to follow along for reminders, tips, and best practices as we go into the 8th annual Prime Day marathon. Our team of Amazon experts are always here to help, so if you have any questions on your brand strategy going into Prime Day or beyond, schedule a consultation today. 

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