Is There a Prime Day 2.0 Around the Corner?


It was reported that Amazon plans to have a second Prime Day event this year and has sent notice to select third-party sellers via Seller Central about the event.

Prime Day 2.0

Amazon’s second Prime Day event would take place in Q4, and it would be the first time that customers have the opportunity to shop this event twice in one year. Dates for the second event, now being called “Prime Fall” have not been identified, but it was reported that sellers need submit limited-time lightning deals by July 22nd.

Sellers feeling whiplash 

With the rise of inflation and continued concerns as costs of goods rise, a second Prime Day may be another opportunity for Amazon, and sellers, to reach revenue goals. However, having to submit deals only 10 days after the original Prime Day begins could put added pressure on brands as their wrapping up and pulling analytics from the first shopping event.

It is reported that brands participating in the Prime Fall event must have a discount of at least 20% to be included. Additionally, promotions must be matched or beat sellers' lowest price since the beginning of 2022 and must also have a three star rating to participate.

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Stay tuned...

Without previous data to identify the opportunity of this second Prime Day event, this will be a test for the online retailing giant. We will keep you updated as new details come to light and ensure we are prepping our brands the opportunity as best we can.

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