Prime Day Early Access Sale Announced for October 11-12


Amazon has finally confirmed the rumors – there officially will be a “Prime Day” equivalent sale event held in October 2022 called Prime Early Access Sale.

It’s a Prime-Exclusive Sale Event that will run from October 11-12. Keep reading to learn more about what we can expect, how Sellers can prepare for the sale, and our thoughts on why Amazon is holding a 2nd Prime Sale Event in the span of one year for the first time ever.

What is the Prime Early Access Sale?

The Prime Early Access Sale is a Prime Exclusive holiday deals event that will take place from October 11 to October 12. Amazon has already started promoting the event and featuring banners on the home page, so we can predict that there will be increased traffic to the site during the sale. During the sale and leading up to it, products in all categories with Prime offerings that have Discounts or Coupons running have a chance of being featured on the front page of or the deals page.


How can sellers prepare?

Sellers should create their promotions, discounts, and coupons early and set the dates to include October 11-12 to take advantage of the increased traffic and as a result, see an influx of sales – jump starting your Holiday sales. On top of that, Sellers need to ensure they are keeping in-stock levels in check to ensure you will not sell through causing you to lose any organic ranking and stopping the flow of sales.


Since this is the first Prime Early Access Sale event, there is no “last year’s” data to reference. We recommend using Prime Day 2020 to get an idea of what to expect in terms of sales, if possible, as Prime Day was held in October that year, after Prime Members assumed it was canceled due to the global pandemic. Keep in mind: this is just to get an idea of what to expect, as there is no surefire way to know exactly what to expect whenever a new sale event takes place.

Why is Amazon holding a second Prime Day?

Most experts predict that the Prime Early Access Sale won’t get as much traffic as Prime Day does, as it is new to the consumer. However – we should also consider the fact that most consumers plan on spending more money than usual as we get closer to the Holidays, which makes people more likely to make a purchase in October in general. This explains the decision for the sale, as well as the timing on Amazon’s part.

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