Four Tips for Receiving Amazon's Coveted Best Seller Badge


An Amazon badge is one of the best ways to set your product apart from your competitors and identify to potential customers that your product is reliable and top quality.

There are several desirable badges up for grabs and available on Amazon:

  1. Best Seller
  2. Amazon’s Choice
  3. New Release
  4. Coupons, Discounts & Extra Savings
  5. Lightning Deals
  6. Deal of the Day
  7. Climate Pledge Friendly

To learn more about getting any of the badges listed above, check out our All About Amazon Badges post.

What is the Best Seller badge?

The Amazon Best Seller badge is an orange ribbon-icon on the top left-hand corner of a product on the search page and is awarded to the top sellers within a category. This badge identifies the products that have a high product ranking based on sales and thus allows customers to make an informed purchase decision. Take note that these best sellers are updated hourly, so the badge can change from product to product quite often.


Amazon's Choice versus the Best Seller badge

Badges have shown to help products stand out and are directly linked to increased sales. However, the Amazon’s Choice badge and the Best Seller badge is awarded through different avenues and algorithms.

Amazons-choice-badgeWhile the Best Seller badge is based specifically off sales, the Amazon’s Choice badge is evaluated by conversions from keyword-related searches along with several other factors, including:

  • Positive Reviews & Ratings
  • Shipping Time & Prime Eligibility
  • Low Return Rate
  • In-Stock Rate

How to get the Best Seller badge

To receive the best seller badge, you need to be a top seller for that given category or product type. It is based on real-time data which refreshes every 24 hours, and every seller has a chance to earn this badge.

Although there is no straightforward equation to guaranteeing the best seller badge, there are a few key components to maintaining consistent sales and help qualify for the desired accolade.

  1. Listing Optimization
  2. Category Classification
  3. Advertising & Promotions Strategy
  4. Pricing

Listing Optimization

Product listing optimization is the best starting point to gaining many of the available badges. Focusing on updating your listings with keyword research will provide a higher organic ranking which in turn will increase sales.

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Category Classification

You could also consider selling products that have a niche and fulfills a need that is not already being provided, which could quickly result in you organically ranking and becoming a top seller in that product type.

However, take note that it is never a good idea to list a product intentionally in an inaccurate or smaller niche category just to gain the best seller badge. Black hat tricks are not tolerated and outlined in Amazon’s policy.

Advertising & Promotions Strategy

If you are a brand-new seller and are looking to gain this badge, consider an advertising strategy to start gaining an audience and customers. You cannot pay to receive the badge, however, sales that you receive from ads will increase the likelihood of becoming a top seller in your category and receiving the badge.

Even with optimized product listings, organic ranking may not always be enough. With an increase in competitors in the space, finding the balance between paid traffic and organic is critical.


Also, remember that buyers love a good incentive and the feeling of getting a deal. Including promotions and discounts is another good option in increasing sales velocity to achieve increased sales.


We all know that a major component of a consumer’s purchasing decision is price. Cost is yet another piece of the puzzle, so maintaining a competitive price is key. Having a viable MAP policy will assist with this factor.

For answers to some of your questions, be sure to check out Amazon’s Sales Rank FAQ.

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