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An essential part of growing Amazon sales is making products easy to find. Amazon keyword tools accomplish this by helping brands make their products rank higher in Amazon’s search engine.


What this blog will cover

Many Amazon keyword tools can be costly. Here is the list of our 4 favorite free Amazon keyword tools to improve product listings.


1. Keyword Research by Sonar


The first free tool is Keyword Research by Sonar, a straightforward Amazon keyword analyzer. It provides frequently used related words, related products, and relevant products based on popularity. The design is simple and enables researchers to discover the search volume of keywords.


Why It’s Great: Quick and simple Amazon keyword research

Website: Sonar


2. Google Trends by Google

Google Trends for Amazon Keywords

Many products are affected by the seasons, like shorts and jackets. Google Trends shows Amazon seller keyword search frequency via Google search. It also reveals how their monthly search volumes change over time. Understanding monthly search trends will ensure sellers have the right products at the right time.

Online sales trends vary based on location. Google Trends shows sellers the search volume per state and major city. This can help sellers with determining where to target their advertisements. It can also help them decide where to warehouse their goods.


Why It’s Great: Comparative tool that shows monthly changes in searches

Website: Google Trends


3. Amazon Keyword Tool by Keyword Tool Dominator


Having a list of related keywords is helpful, but understanding how each keyword ranks is more important. Amazon Keyword Tool by Keyword Tool Dominator does exactly that. It provides 3 free searches per day and gives the option to save important searches. Focus on competitive high ranking keywords, or lower-ranking niche keywords that are easier to rank for.


Why it’s great: Provides a numbered rank for related keywords

Website: Keyword Tool Dominator


4. Amazon Search Auto-Complete by Amazon

Amazon Search

There is no tool more reliable for Amazon research than tools created by Amazon! It’s hard to miss the auto-complete function provided by Amazon’s search, but many sellers don’t realize it can be used for research. Turn specific searches into more broad terms with ease.


Why it’s great: Helps elaborate on product keywords

Website: Amazon Search


In Conclusion

Amazon is the greatest marketplace on the internet despite its complexities. Avoid expensive keyword tools by using these free Amazon keyword search tools. Use a combination of them to improve product descriptions and titles on Amazon product listings.


The most successful brands focus on researching keywords and adding them to their product listings. Retail Bloom’s team has years of experience researching keywords and helping brands reach more customers. Contact us today for an actionable listing analysis.


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