Top 5 Black Friday Tips for Amazon Sellers


How is Amazon seller Black Friday different from other retailers? Amazon isn't just the largest online retailer. This year, Amazon passed Walmart to become the largest online or offline retailer in the world. CBS News said Amazon reported selling over 180 million items to global customers on the weekend that began with Black Friday and ended with Cyber Monday last year.

That marked Amazon's best holiday season. The tide should rise this year too. Smart brands could ride on Amazon's coattails to increase Black Friday sales for their portion of this success. Sell more on Black Friday with these tips.


1. Don't Put All Your Eggs in The Black Friday Basket

Amazon mentioned that their single biggest day was actually Cyber Monday. Many consumers browse on Friday and then wait until Cyber Monday to buy.

Be prepared to extend your sales and ensure you don't run out of stock too soon. You can always promote leftover inventory to last-minute shoppers and people hoping for after-holiday sales. Many shoppers use their holiday gift cards to buy after the holiday too.


2. Advertise Early

Have you noticed holiday displays have begun popping up earlier in recent years? Some folks start shopping for deals much sooner than Thanksgiving. The event that you might think of as “Black Friday” is better known as “Black November” to experienced Amazon sellers. That's true for some shoppers too.

Start planning and acting early to begin building brand awareness and excitement for your holiday sales. You also might earn more sales as you catch some early-bird shoppers before they buy from competing brands.


3. Capitalize on Trends

Prepare for Amazon Black Friday by scouting for trends. We recommend using Google Trends to find out how consumer interests are changing in popularity over time. Trending items may not directly reflect your main business, but can still be sold to attract new customers. These buyers may keep you in mind and purchase from you again.

Also, try thinking outside of the main box for trending products. For instance, you might not care to compete for business with trending appliances or electronics. But maybe you can make your mark by offering popular accessories.


4. Make your Listings Distinctive

How do you make your brand stand out in the crowd of online sellers to increase Black Friday sales? These are some tested tips:

  • Pay attention to such on-page factors as keywords, blurbs, and photos. For instance, make certain you optimize photos to look great on mobile and larger devices.
  • Consider bundling popular products together to make an attractive package. You might cut your margins a bit on bundles. You may cut margins a little but increase sales and profits.
  • Experiment with pricing and shipping strategies. You need to maintain your margins. Just remember that many Amazon shoppers look for deals.

5. Protect Your Brand Against Unauthorized Sellers and Counterfeits

Many brands run into issues where they find product listings using their products, logo or trademarked terms being used by other sellers. These unauthorized sellers can take a sizable portion of your revenue. Aside from taking sales that should have been yours, they can also hurt your brand’s image and confuse shoppers. 

Start taking action against counterfeiters and illegitimate sellers by enrolling in Amazon’s Brand Registry program. Once you’re certified as the brand owner, monitor distributors and sellers of your brand on Amazon. If you find violations, consider taking the necessary steps to get the listings shut down.

Don’t have time to chase down the violators? Another option is to partner with a 3rd party agency that offers brand protection services to investigate and take action against them on behalf of your brand.


Why Smart Brands Prepare for Black Friday

The weekend after Thanksgiving gives consumers the opportunity and incentives to start their winter holiday shopping. Optimize your Black Friday strategy with the tips we've provided to help catch these consumers. Both online and offline retailers typically experience a peak selling season that extends through the weeks leading up to Christmas when they plan ahead. 

Do you need help with preparing for Black Friday? Retail Bloom specializes in helping brands increase their sales on Amazon with our product listing optimization, advertising, inventory planning, and brand protection services. We can evaluate your brand’s Amazon presence and identify areas of opportunity for your brand.


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