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Amazon announced their Mentorship Program on November 8, 2021. 

Black Business Accelerator Program

On November 8, Amazon announced that they have opened applications to their New Mentorship Program: Black Business Accelerator (BBA). They partnered with Hello Alice - which connects diverse small business owners to the resources and capital needed for success - to create this mentorship program to help growing Black Businesses excel on

The purpose of this program is to help empower Black-owned business on BBA is a Year-long program that helps guide and educate by providing recourses, recommendations, and expert advice to drive success and innovation in the industry. Through this program, sellers can access financial assistance, coaching, and marketing support.

Participating in the Mentorship Program

To apply for the program, you can find a link directly on the News page in Seller Central, fill out the questionnaire, and wait to hear back on the status of your application.

Join-Amazon-BBA Community

Sellers who participate in the BBA program will have access to $500 credit to assist with your start-up, $400 in Sponsored Products Ad Spend to help gain exposure, free imaging services, as well as grant opportunities. If you are interested in becoming a part of this program, but have questions, you can reach out to

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