Holiday 2021 Deadlines for Sending Inventory to Amazon Fulfillment Centers


On October 8, Amazon made a revision to the previous Deadlines they had announced in late September.

Now, sellers must ensure that inventory has been sent in and received by Amazon by the following deadlines:

  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday: November 15
  • Christmas: December 2

This “guarantees” that your inventory will be available for sale on during the most-shopped sales days of the year. Of course, there can always be unexpected issues with Amazon, whether it’s with the carriers getting the items to Amazon, or the item actually being received and stocked on the shelves of their warehouse; it’s good practice to plan on sending in inventory ahead of time, and expect potential delays.

However, it’s also important not to send it in too early, because your stock may sell out before Turkey 5, which would leave you out of stock on the key dates mentioned above (unless you are also an FBM seller).

Now is the time to start getting ready to send in your inventory to Amazon so that by November 15 and December 2, you can focus on other important factors: such as keeping your listings live, managing ad campaigns, and monitoring sales - rather than scrambling to figure out your inventory last second.  

With the constant updates in online marketplaces, it’s important to get acquainted stay up-to-date with the latest changes. Review the policy help page, or if you are looking for additional information, contact your strategist or schedule a consultation with our team. 

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