New Vendor Central Shipment Process Breakdown: September 2022


Amazon has recently announced that starting in September, the Shipment Workflow process in Vendor Central will change for Vendors who ship on a Purchase Order Level. Read on to learn what this means and how the new workflow compares to the previous one.

What has changed about the process?

A New Third Step has been added into the workflow. Now, Amazon will now preselect an AFI LTL (Amazon Freight Inbound Less Than Truckload) capacity-backed date for sellers. If the preselected pick-up date does not work for your schedule, you can adjust it to another available date. Dates in green are available and greyed out dates are unavailable.

What was the purpose for this change?

Amazon believes that this change will improve the process for Vendors by making it simpler, as well as improving Vendor On-Time Pick-up performance. This means fewer chargebacks for Vendors, which is always a good thing. Remember, this only impacts Vendors who send their shipment in at the Purchase Order Level, so for now, this doesn’t impact everyone, however we can predict that in the future this will apply to all Vendor shipments.

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