Shipment Performance Dashboard Available in Seller Central: May 2022


Recently, Amazon officially announced the launch of the New Shipment Performance Dashboard in Seller Central.

Historically, experiencing blockage when sending shipments into FBA was a guessing game as to what the root cause of the problem is. There wasn’t a way to view exactly what the problem was and how to resolve it, outside of an email that was sent to the primary account holder.

The Shipment Performance Dashboard solves that issue by providing great insights into your Shipment Performance, and any actions sellers must take to correct poor metrics. Utilizing this dashboard not only allows you to track your performance, but also delve into specific issues that might be putting your account at risk of suspension of shipping goods into FBA.

Shipment performance dashboard

What is the Shipment Performance Dashboard?

The Shipment Performance Dashboard is an all-encompassing page for all FBA Shipment related issues. As we briefly mentioned above, in the past, Sellers were not able to access a dashboard to quickly and clearly view FBA Shipment issues.

Before, you'd only know about the issues after you tried sending a shipment into FBA and got denied. This is important to note - because there really wasn’t an easy way for sellers to be proactive in correcting issues. The dashboard has created an effective way for sellers to have a chance to stay on top of their shipment issues before they cause any disruptions in business.

Why should FBA sellers monitor this dashboard?

Sellers should regularly monitor their FBA shipment problems and address them before facing restrictions. We recommend sellers to check this page multiple times a week. If a violation appears, acknowledge it as quickly as possible to avoid an issue or disruption in sales.


A breakdown of the shipment metrics

The metrics are broken down into “Problem Groups” all of which are displayed on the dashboard. See a full list of problem groups on the Dashboard by clicking “view all problem groups”. There are a total of 24 groups:

  1. Safety Issues – Box Related
  2. Inaccurate product quantities in shipment
  3. Label missing – box related
  4. Inaccurate product quantities in box
  5. Incorrect label – product related
  6. Label Missing – product related
  7. Other label problems – product related
  8. Unexpected product in box
  9. Missing tracking information
  10. Unexpected products in shipment
  11. Unplanned prep – bagging
  12. Inaccurate box count
  13. Unplanned prep – bubble wrap
  14. Transportation-related problems
  15. Nonstandard box packaging
  16. Unplanned prep – product related
  17. Damaged products
  18. Safety issues – pallet related
  19. Incorrect label – box related
  20. Safety issues – product related
  21. Unplanned prep – box related
  22. Expiration-dated product-related problems
  23. Product listing problems
  24. FBA restricted product

It’s important to gain an understanding of what each of these problem groups entail and ensure that your business has a process in place to meet these requirements every time. The more unaddressed shipment problems you let stack up into your account, the more likely that Amazon will suspend or remove your FBA Selling privileges.

How to address your "Coaching Level"

The Coaching feature allows sellers to acknowledge and submit disputes on Shipment Problems. If your shipping abilities have been suspended, sellers can open a case with Amazon Support to explain the situation and that we are working to make sure we follow all shipment requirements.


If your Coaching Level gets outside of an acceptable range for too long, Amazon may require sellers to complete training that reviews proper techniques for sending FBA shipments. To address your coaching level, we recommend communicating all shipment issues with your FBA Shipment/Warehouse team, so they are aware of changes (if any) that need to be made in processes.

With the constant updates in online marketplaces, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest changes. If you are a client looking for additional information, contact your strategist or if you are interested in learning more about how Retail Bloom can assist your brand efforts in online marketplaces, schedule a consultation with our team. 

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Julia Asburry is the Senior Support Analyst at Retail Bloom. She specializes in Online Marketplace Research, trouble-shooting Account Health-related issues for our Wholesale Accounts, and performs general Account Maintenance. Because she started her journey at Retail Bloom as a Warehouse Associate/Customer Service Liaison, she has a unique perspective on how to tackle different Marketplace issues. Follow her on LinkedIn.


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