Changes to Amazon’s Meltable Product Policies: September 2022


Recently, Amazon has announced upcoming changes to their Meltable Product Policy for FBM Sellers.

They also released a reminder that Meltable products will be automatically removed by Amazon (regular removal order fees apply) and sent back to the seller on Sept 21. Read on to learn about what has changed and what Sellers must do in order to remain compliant.

What is considered "meltable"?

We covered Amazon’s FBA Meltable Product Policy earlier this year. Meltable Products include anything that melts in temperatures between 75° – 155° degrees F (23° – 67° degrees C). Amazon provided the following definition:

‘"Meltable" refers to all heat-sensitive products, including but not limited to chocolate, gummies, and select jelly- and wax-based products.’

In our experience, this has affected products such as Lotions, Creams, and Cleansers, as well as certain consumables. If your product(s) easily melt while shipping during the warmer months of the year, it’s safe to assume that your product is impacted by this change. For a full list of Meltable ASINs click here.

What can FBA sellers do to avoid removal fees in the future?

FBA Sellers should have an established process which aligns with the meltable restriction time period to ensure Meltable products are removed prior to April 15 and not sent into fulfillment centers again until October 15.

What changes for FBM sellers?

Starting September 21, 2022, FBM Sellers will be held to the same standard as FBA Sellers, which means during the warm months, Sellers must ensure that customers do not receive a melted product. If Sellers receive multiple complaints it will result in suspension or removal of the selling account. It’s best practice to close the listings for any meltable products you carry from April 15-October 15 unless you can ensure the products will arrive with no damage.

What must sellers do to stay compliant?

We recommend Sellers download the list of Meltable ASINs and analyze it. If you see your products on the list, you can expect them to be removed from FBA facilities Sept 21, and if you’re selling MFN, then you must take steps to close the listings from April 15-October 15 to avoid your account from being taken down according to the new policy, unless you can ensure that your products will not melt in your facility, or in transit to the customer.

With the constant updates in online marketplaces, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest changes. If you are a client looking for additional information, contact your Account Team for more info. If you are interested in learning more about how Retail Bloom can assist your brand efforts in online marketplaces, schedule a consultation with our team.

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