Walmart Seller Center Extended Holiday Returns: November 2021


Earlier this month, Walmart announced that sellers can choose to Opt-In to offer Extended Holiday Returns to customers.

Opting In for Extended Holiday Returns

If you decide to opt-in, orders that are placed or delivered between November 11 and December 25 will be eligible for return until up to January 24 (if your item usually has a 30-day return window, orders will be eligible for return until January 24, and if your item usually has a 15-day return window, the orders can be returned until January 8).


If you opt-in, customers will see the extended return period before they place the order, making them more likely to complete the sale.

The Holidays are hectic as it is, and no one wants to worry about returning unwanted items within a short period during this time. Customers prefer longer return timeframes any given time of the year, but during the busy holiday season, offering extended return times can truly set you apart from other sellers, earning you more sales.

Just because the extended return option is available for customers, it does not mean they will always take advantage of it. Since Q4 is the busiest time for online sellers, regardless of whether you extend your return timeframes, it’s common to receive higher return rates (along with higher sales). However, it is important to consider the possible influx of returns you may receive due to the holiday extension should you choose to opt-in, and have a process in place for the inventory once it gets back to your facility.

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