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Amazon.com has quickly taken over the online space, selling millions of products to customers around the world. These products, unique in their own ways, while very similar in other ways, are sold by over 1.9 million sellers.

One of the best ways to set your product apart from your competitors on Amazon is a Badge. A badge is a visual that is hard to go unnoticed in comparison to the rest of the search results. As an added perk, badges can earn you spots on featured pages within Amazon.com, for example, Today’s Deals.

Amazon offers a variety of different “Badges” that are displayed within search results as well as directly on Product Display pages on Amazon.com. Read more to learn about each Amazon badge, what they mean, and how they’re earned/granted.

Best Seller


The Best Seller Badge is an orange badge that is displayed in search results and on PDPs. It is also featured in their "Best Sellers" category, which can be found on the left-hand side menu bar of Amazon.com. There, Amazon lists products broken down by product category, starting with #1 Sellers and forward.

Customers who are just browsing generally (not searching a specific term in the search bar) use this page to find new products they may not have previously heard of or realized they need, which is appealing for brands who want a boost in sales, reviews, and further establishing their products.

How is the Best Seller Badge Earned?

To receive the best seller badge, you need to be a top seller for that given category or product type. It is based on real-time data (refreshes every 24 hrs.) and every brand/seller has a chance to earn this badge, which is based on Amazon.com sales.

If you are a brand-new seller and are looking to gain this badge, consider an advertising strategy to start gaining an audience and customers. You cannot pay to receive the badge, however, sales that you receive from ads will increase the likelihood of becoming a top seller in your category and receiving the badge. You could also consider selling products that have a niche and fulfills a need that is not already being provided, which could quickly result in you organically ranking and becoming a top seller in that product type.

If you're interested in the best seller badge, check our Five Tips to Landing the Best Seller Badge

Amazon's Choice 


The Amazon's Choice badge gets displayed within search pages and PDPs, and is noticed by consumers quickly, as it has been around since 2015. However, this badge serves more functionality than just a visual grab - shoppers who use Alexa or other Amazon devices to shop online are shopping directly from products with the Amazon's Choice badge. Having this badge on your product will result in a significant boost in sales

How the “Amazon's Choice” Badge is Earned

This is solely based on Amazon’s algorithms. From what we know, the most important factor is the number of clicks and conversion rates on a given search term’s results page. This badge is awarded to products that are being fulfilled by Amazon that have very high sales and traffic.

Coupons, Discounts, and Extra Savings


Whenever a Coupon or Discount is approved, your product will receive a Badge during the time you selected it to go live. Creating a coupon is free to do and is easily done through Seller Central. Whenever you create a coupon, there’s a chance your product will appear on the Extra Savings page while their deal or coupon is running. There isn’t a way to guarantee your product to land on that page, as Amazon’s algorithm, which decides which products make the page, is unknown.

How to Create Coupons and Deals

You can create Coupons and deals by Hovering over Advertising in the top menu bar in Seller Central and selecting from the drop-down. It’s recommended to create your coupons or deals in advance to allow for approval. During the timeframe you choose, the badge will be displayed on the PDP when you are winning the Buy Box.

New Release


New Release is an orange badge that gets displayed within search results and the PDP. All products listed on Amazon.com have a chance of getting featured on the “New Releases” page for the first 90 days. Although the exact algorithm on how Amazon decides which products make the page is unknown the more established your brand is, the higher likelihood of receiving the badge after a new launch. The badge also helps grab the attention of potential customers who are browsing Amazon in search of new products.

Lightning Deals 


Lightning Deals get either an orange bar or a countdown as displayed above depending on whether you set a time limit to your deal or a limit of “clips” to the coupon. The percentage of claimed deals is presented within the search pages. Unlike other badges, customers are limited to one item, and there is a limited number of products that can be part of the deal, so there is a huge sense of urgency.

lightning-deals01To create a Lightning Deal, use the Deals page by hovering over Advertising in Seller Central. Once your deal is approved, you will receive the Lightning Deal badge for the duration of the sale.   

Deal of the Day 

Receiving the Deal of the Day is a huge accomplishment. It means your product is being displayed directly on the home page of Amazon and takes up a large amount of space, making it very hard to miss. This means hundreds of thousands of shoppers are viewing your product and deal, and many of those converting to sales. 


Like other badges, there is no cheat sheet to being granted with the Deal of the Day. Amazon awards it to products running deals with high traffic and high sales. The product will appear under the Today’s Deals section of Amazon.com as well.

Climate Pledge Friendly 


We covered the Climate Pledge Friendly Badge in depth in an earlier marketplace update. To summarize, products that have registered Climate certification(s), according to the list provided will display the badge in search pages as well as on the PDP. This badge is within the brand’s control, as it only involves getting your products certified and communicating that to Amazon. Once that process is complete, the Climate Pledge Friendly badge will appear within search results and on your product detail page.

Although many of these badges are outside of the brand’s direct control and are dependent on Amazon’s algorithms, they offer unique boosts for products that receive them. Brands that use the tools available to them and focus on drawing in as much traffic as possible to increase revenue, over time, have a greater chance of receiving one of these badges. Continue to watch our website for additional updates on badges, and tools that you can use to increase your appeal on Amazon.com

With the constant updates in online marketplaces, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest changes. If you are a client looking for additional information, contact your strategist or if you are interested in learning more about how Retail Bloom can assist your brand efforts in online marketplaces, schedule a consultation with our team. 

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